考研英语 词汇(考研英语词汇量要达到多少)

考研英语 词汇,考研英语词汇量要达到多少


1.In her childhood, Joanna wasin a car accident,to walk again. However, she wouldn’t let herstop her from reaching her goal of becoming a writer. Finally, her many years of hard work paid off and she made it. It proves that the have theto make as great achievements as normal people.It is her efforts and determination thather to accomplish her dream. (able)

2.The reason why she was from the meeting was that she was feeling unwell. In her , her work was in the charge of her husband. (absent)

3.Much to my delight, my suggestion by my boss. His encouraged me to put forward more opinions on the development of our company. (accept)

4.The library in our school is to students, and they can get easy to it when they want to look for needed information any time.(access)

5.Since Tom downloaded a virus to his computer, he cannot open the file now.(accident)

6.It took him a long time the skills he needed to become a good dancer. The of the skills calls for enthusiasm and perseverance.(acquire)

7.Yesterday, the students in our class took an part in a voluntary which aimed to call on people to take to protect the environment.(act)

8.The Chinese classical novel A Dream of Red Mansions for two TV series in the past twenty years, but the lose some of its original beauty because the actors and actresses who to modern life can’t really get accustomed to the traditional ways of life in ancient times. (adapt)

9.As a teacher, I need my teaching methods to the needs of the children who are not good at learning. Occasionally I fail to make the , but I will give it a try again.(adjust)

10.She complained to the company and they sent her a letter of , to her for their mistake. (apologize)

11.She desperately wanted to win her father’s , but her father of her leaving school the next year. (approve)

12.The fact that the country has the highest death rate for the virus the world. People feel at the fact. Much to our , some local residents of this country turn a deaf ear to the situation.(astonish)

13.We agree to find an place to relax ourselves. Hainan Island is a good tourist. With its mild climate, the place usually visitors both at home and abroad. (attract)

14.He called her in the that she would lend him money. Unfortunately, she didn’t in him at all.(believe)

15.Tom ran to me, saying in a voice,”To fresh air, we went climbing last week. When we reached the top of the hill, we were quite out of .”(breath)

16.He was told many times to listen to the teacher in class, but he didn’t . Due to his , he failed the exam. (care)

17.A person, when , can often do what is beyond his ability. So one important aim of our school is to prepare us for anything so that we can face all the with confidence. (challenge)

18.She had to choose between giving up her job and hiring a babysitter.It was really a difficult .After careful thought, she to stay at home caring for her little baby.(choose)

19.They made a of different countries’ eating habits. with the French, the British eat far less fish. (compare)

20.(1)It wasn’t very of you to drink all the milk. (consider)

(2)Don’t yourself as a child any more.(consider)

(3)You’d better take my suggestions into .(consider)

21.The little boy was curious about what was in the box, so he opened it out of and saw the things inside. (curious)

22.Since I didn’t skate any more, I that I would go to a skateboard shop and give my skateboard to whoever liked it. When I told my father my ,he felt proud of me for my action.(decide)

23.With the of economy, China, a country, is quite different from what it used to be. Its rapid has narrowed its gap with some countries in some aspects. (develop)

24.American English and British English in many small ways. In other words, there are many between them. For example, the way they express means of transport is from each other, which you should treat when you are abroad.(differ)

25.Deeply moved by the stories of medical experts, I determined my pocket money to the charity through online . (donate)

26.So far,any drug has more or less some side which will affect people’s organs, so scientists are making a great effort to develop new drugs which are safe and. (effect)

27.The in the company saw the all work late into the night. He felt it necessary more people, thus creating more opportunities.(employ)

28.Today,I am as (enthusiasm) about my job as the day I first started.

29.I am sometimes while my grandpa in his 80’s still has a good memory. He never to teach me how to write Chinese characters every morning. The sweet memory is really . (forget)

30.Entering a grocery, I by the greengrocer(果菜商). His cheery made me feel at home. (greet)

31.The country is experiencing slow but steady economic(grow).

32.Mr.Smith is a writer with a great . He has written several novels, most of whose characters are . We all him to be a talented writer. (imagine)

33.(1)When I first met him, I got the that he was a shy person.(impress)

(2)Li Kang is verywith the teachers and the advanced facilities in his new school.(impress)

(3)She was very in the interview. (impress)

34.The poet got a lot of from nature and wrote an poem which made us to love and protect nature. (inspire)

35., I, as an exchange student, had a chance to celebrate the Chinese New Year with a local family, and the host gave me money in a red envelope to wish me good in the new year, which made me experience the friendliness and kindness of the Chinese. (luck)

36.You make a terrible when you’re cooking. How can you find anything when the kitchen is so ? (mess)

37.In order to have a good time abroad, the Smiths have begun to make for the journey since last month. Now they are for everything. (prepare)

38.I wanted to keep fit, but I didn’t know which exercise to choose. When I asked the doctor for a, he swimming as an all-round exercise. (recommend)

39.This poem the poet’s love of nature and his religious beliefs, and it is also a of life in post-war Spain. (reflect)

40.Students to get 20 scores in one term. Anyone who fails to meet the will fail. (require)

41.To my , they are with what we have done to satisfy the local people’s needs in the past few weeks. It is really something . (satisfy)

42.They found out some between the two systems.,they also found out the differences between them. (similar)

43.Through the speech, the expressed that English is quite different from written English.(speak)

44.Although the importance of education , teaching can be a tiring and job because teachers have to work under great every day. (stress)

45.As an athlete, he is really a . He has overcome some difficulties and in winning the race. What a athlete he is! (succeed)

46.The old man went through a lot of in the old days. What’s worse, he from heart attack when he was in his eighties. (suffer)

47.The man dressed in a smart black is the most salesman. (suit)

48.To conserve energy, citizens are encouraged to buy furniture which is already to their former owners, but can be very to others.(use)


1.The ability (laugh) and smile is actually something we are born with.

2.Every year about 40,000 people attempt (climb)Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa.

3.At that time, the taxi driver had no choice but (turn)to the tourist for help.

4.He is considering (buy) a used car.

5.I think we paid too much for the house, (consider)that we needed to get the roof repaired.

6.We were respectful of craft(技艺) and focused on (dig)into the characters we were going to play.

7.I asked Mr. Li whether he minded (help)me make up lessons which I had missed because of my illness.

8.Having been told I was overweight by my doctor, I began to quit (eat)snacks.

9.Readers also tended (share) articles that were exciting or funny, or that inspired negative feelings like anger or anxiety, but not articles that left them merely sad.

10. It is well worth (make) an effort to promote the public awareness of environmental protection.


1.I’m writing to explain to you the reason why I was absent your lecture last time.

2.Simon was so absorbed his book that he didn’t even notice me come in.

3.He wants the employees and their families to have accesshealth care when they need it.

4.Seeing what we had done, some passengers nodded approval.

5.Consider befriending new people, especially those who are optimistic and have a healthy attitude life.

6.We checked at the airport an hour before our plane took off.

7.As a boy, whenever I was in trouble, I could count my parents to help me.

8.According to the results, it’s obvious that children are curious the world around them all the time.

9.The green hills and clear water will make a deep impression everyone.

10.We should not mind what others say so long we are confident about what we have.

11.Finding she had taken Sue’s book mistake, she put the book where it was as quickly as possible and said sorry.

12.With his business going on well, he was possession of big houses and cars; later he gradually took possession

several companies. Then he found that everything he had dreamed of was his possession. But he was told that the meaning and success of life were not measured by the possessions he had, but by the contributions he made to society.

13.People tend to have a preferencea particular style of learning at an early age, but I’d like to choose what suits me most in preferencefollowing the trend.

14.In social practice, we can surely make progressboth knowledge and ability.

15.Was it an accident or did David do it purpose?

16.Things can easily go wrong when people are stress.

17.The job is great terms of salaries, but it has its disadvantages.

18.Lily asked me the question whether the novel was worthybeing read. And I said yes.


1.It takes a couple of minutes for the drug to act.

2.Bradford said that large modern theaters in the city made it impossible for the Plaza to compete. He added that the theater’s location (位置) was also a reason.

3.(1)We have been approached by a number of companies that are interested in our product.

(2)It’s fascinating to see how different people approach the problem.

4.At the sight of this cruelty, they could hardly contain their anger.

5.It is not how much you read but what you read that counts.

6.We spent a pleasant evening in the company of friends.

7.(1)After you finish your travel, you’d better have the pictures developed.

(2)If you develop the disease, your chances of survival are very small.

(3)The researchers develop the smart keyboard to cut the cost of e-space protection.

(4)Childhood activities help a child develop responsibility, independence, confidence and competence.

(5)The author developed his topic by giving many examples.

8.Sitting on a sofa in her room, Welty, a slim figure in a simple gray dress, looked pleased with this explanation.

9.I had difficulty following the story — there were so many different characters.

10.She asked me if I could mind the children for an hour when she went shopping.

11.(1)They disagreed with each other, so they held a discussion. And the discussion promised to be a heated one.

(2)Russia is another country with the population problem that could break its economic promise.

12.The agreement provided that the two sides should meet once a month.

13.(1)Stick a stamp on the letter.

(2)The knife stuck in the ground at his feet.

(3)Don’t stick your head out of the car window.

14.Your studies will suffer if you play too much football.

15.[2020天津]Galileo was not merely ambitious when he dropped objects of varying weights from the Leaning Tower of Pisa and timed their fall to the ground.


1.(accompany) by a group of people, the president walked into the building.

2.You will not (admit) to the theatre after the performance has started.

3.Our team their team by 5:4 yesterday. In other words, they by our team.(beat)

4.One student (choose) the Belt and Road as the topic of our composition last week. Since then, some other students (choose) the same topic.

5.I hope this problem can (clarify) gradually and solved in future talks just as other problems.

6.As I up, I to enjoy vegetables.To guarantee their growth, I watered them regularly. I was pleased to eat the vegetables by myself. (grow)

7.Gandhi once (lead) campaigns to try to persuade the authorities to change their policies.

8.(1)The boy who was(lie) under the tree (lie) to me that he had (lay) the book on my desk.

(2)You could see from his face that he was(lie).

9.I (mistake) your signature and thought the letter was from someone else.

10.Although his family disapproved, he (quit) school and became an actor.

11.She several foreign languages, but she finds it difficult Chinese well. She still remembers how she

to her Chinese teacher in Chinese several years ago. It was the first time that she Chinese in a Chinese-speaking country. (speak)

12.While in senior high school, all of us school uniforms, and I enjoyed them. And now, although they are , they can bring back pleasant memories to me.(wear)


1.来到新的学校后,我积极地和同学们一起参加各种活动,所以我很快适应了新的环境。(active, activity, adapt)

2.她小时候梦想成为一名作家,父母鼓励她尽可能多地阅读书籍。经过多年的努力她最终实现了自己的梦想。(dream, encourage, effort)

3.无论面对什么样的困难,我们都应该保持一种乐观的生活态度,努力克服它们。(optimistic, attitude, overcome)

4.我写信推荐自己到这个岗位, 因为我受的教育和拥有的相关经验符合要求。(recommend, relevant, requirement)

5.最近,我注意到许多学生往往会买垃圾食品、熬夜。(notice, tend)

答 案



1.第一空作表语,根据句意及下文叙述可知,应用动词disable的过去分词形式,填disabled;第二空作状语,根据句意和下文的转折可知,此处表示”不能再走”,故填unable;第三空用在形容词性物主代词her后面,应填名词,根据句意可知填disability;第四空考查”the+adj.”表示一类人, the disabled表示”残疾人”,故填disabled; 第五空作have的宾语,填名词,ability to do sth.”做某事的能力”,故填ability;第六空所在句为强调句型,分析句子结构可知,空处在从句中作谓语,表示”使能够”,主语是her efforts and determination,故空处填enable。

2.她缺席会议的原因是她身体不舒服。在她缺席期间,她的工作由她丈夫负责。第一空考查be absent from”不在,缺

席”,故填absent;第二空考查in/during one’s absence”某人不在时/缺席期间”,故填absence。

3.第一空作谓语,my suggestion与accept为被动关系,且根据第二句的时态可知,应用一般过去时,故填was accepted;第二空作主语,应用名词形式,填acceptance; 第三空在名词前作定语,应用形容词形式,填acceptable。

4.我们学校的图书馆对学生开放,当他们想随时查找所需信息时,他们可以很容易地进入图书馆。第一空作表语,应用形容词形式,填accessible; 第二空考查get access to, 表示”(使用或见到的)机会,权利”,填access。


6.第一空考查It took sb. some time to do sth.,It作形式主语,不定式作真正的主语,填to acquire;第二空根据空前的The和空后的of可知,空处应用名词形式作主语,填acquisition。

7.第一空考查take an active part in,表示”积极参加”,填active;第二空在冠词a和形容词voluntary后面,应该用名词单数形式,填activity;第三空考查take action,表示”采取行动”,填action。

8.第一空根据时间状语in the past twenty years可知,空处应用现在完成时,且adapt在此表示”改编”,与其主语novel为被动关系,故填has been adapted;第二空作主语,应用名词形式,再根据其后的谓语动词lose可知,主语应用复数形式,故填adaptations;第三空应用现在完成时,表示对现在造成了一定的影响,且adapt在此表示”适应”,且who指代的先行词是actors and actresses,为复数形式,故填have adapted。

9.作为一名老师,我需要根据那些不善于学习的孩子的需要来调整教学方法。有时我没有调整好,但我会再试一试。need在此为实义动词,后接不定式作宾语,故第一空填to adjust;第二空在定冠词the后面,应该用名词,填adjustment。

10.第一空在介词of后面,应该用名词形式,a letter of apology 意为”一封道歉信”,填apology;第二空作状语,应该用非谓语动词,所填词与主语they为逻辑上的主谓关系,填apologizing。


12.第一空作谓语,主语为The fact,主语后的that引导同位语从句,根据从句时态可知,此处应用一般现在时,故填astonishes; 第二空在系动词feel后面作表语,应该用形容词astonished,表示人的感受;第三空在名词fact前面作定语,应该用形容词astonishing,表示事物的性质;第四空在代词our后面,应该用名词形式,填astonishment。

13.第一空在冠词后、名词前,应用形容词,表示”有吸引力的”,填attractive;第二空考查固定词组,tourist attraction表示



15.第一空用在冠词后、名词前,应用形容词,再根据语境可知,此处表示”气喘吁吁的”,故填breathless;第二空用在不定式符号To之后,应用动词原形,故填breathe;第三空填breath,out of breath为固定短语,意为”上气不接下气”。



18.第一空根据空前的a difficult可知,空处应用名词单数形式,故填choice;第二空作谓语,根据前两句的时态可知,此处应用一般过去时,故填chose。

19.第一空用在冠词后、介词前,作动词made的宾语,用名词comparison;第二空作状语,compared with 表示”与……相比较”,填Compared。

20.(1)此空作表语,表示”体贴的”,填形容词considerate;(2)此空位于Don’t后,应该用动词原形,填consider;(3)此空在介词后作宾语,应该用名词形式,take…into consideration表示”把……考虑在内”,填consideration。




24.第一空用作谓语,根据句子的主语和下文的时态可知,填differ;第二空用在many后,应用名词的复数形式,填differences;第三空考查be different from “与……不同”,填different;第四空作状语,修饰动词treat,用副词differently。

25.第一空考查determine to do sth.,表示”决心做某事”,填to donate;第二空作介词through的宾语,应用名词形式,填donation。

26.第一空考查固定搭配side effect,表示”副作用”,根据空前的some可知,此处应用复数形式,故填effects;第二空作表语,应用形容词形式,填effective。

27.这家公司的雇主看到雇员都工作到深夜。他认为有必要雇用更多的人,从而创造更多的就业机会。根据句意和第二句的He可知,第一空表示”雇主”,且用单数形式,填employer;第二空表示”雇员”,再根据常识及空后的all可知,此处应用复数形式,填employees;第三空考查”feel it +adj. + to do sth.”结构,故填to employ; 第四空用名词作定语,employment opportunity表示”就业机会”,故填employment。



30.第一个空作谓语,I与greet为被动关系,又根据made可知,应用一般过去时的被动语态,填was greeted;第二个空作主语,应用名词,greeting 作”问候,招呼”讲时,既可作可数名词,也可作不可数名词,故填greeting(s)。



33.(1)空处用在定冠词the后面,表示”印象”,用名词impression;(2)空处填impressed,be impressed with表示”对……印象深刻”;(3)空处作表语,表示”给人深刻印象的”,用impressive。


35.第一空填副词Luckily,修饰整个句子;第二空填形容词lucky,lucky money表示”压岁钱”;第三空填名词luck,wish sb. good luck表示”祝愿某人好运”。


37.为了在国外玩得开心,史密斯一家自上个月以来就开始为这次旅行做准备。现在,他们已经做好了一切准备。第一空应填名词preparations,make preparations for sth.为固定短语,意为”为某事做准备”;第二空前面的are后应接形容词作表语,故填prepared,be prepared for sth.表示”为某事做好准备”。



40.第一空考查require sb. to do sth.的被动形式,填are required;第二空考查名词,表示”必备的条件”,meet the requirements意为”满足必备的条件”,故填requirements。

41.第一空用作介词的宾语,应该用名词形式,故填satisfaction;第二空考查be satisfied with”对……满意”,故填satisfied;第三空用作定语,且修饰事情,故填satisfying/satisfactory。



44.第一空作谓语,importance与stress之间为被动关系,再结合语境可知填is stressed;第二空作定语,表示”紧张的,压力重的”,填形容词stressful;第三空考查under stress,表示”在压力之下”,填名词stress。


46.第一空前的a lot of表明,空处应用名词形式,此处表示”苦难”,为不可数名词,故填suffering;第二空根据时间状语可知,此处描述的是过去发生的事情,故用一般过去时,填suffered。




1.to laughability to do…做……的能力。

2.to climbattempt to do sth.试图做某事。

3.to turnhave no choice but to do 除了做……之外别无选择。

4.buyingconsider doing sth.考虑做某事。


6.diggingfocus on doing sth.集中精力做某事。

7.helpingmind doing sth.介意做某事。

8.eatingquit doing sth.停止做某事。

9.to sharetend to do sth. 往往……。

10.makingIt is (well) worth doing sth.(非常)值得做某事。


1.from。be absent from缺席,不在。

2.in。be absorbed in全神贯注于。

3.to。have access to有使用或见到……的权利或机会。

4.in。in approval赞成地。

5.to/towards。attitude to/towards… 对……的态度。

6.in。check in登记。

7.on。count on依靠。

8.about。be curious about对……好奇。

9.on。make a deep impression on sb. 给某人留下深刻的印象。

10.as。so/as long as只要。

11.by。by mistake错误地,无意中。

12.in; of; in。in possession of/take possession of拥有;in one’s possession为某人所有。

13.for; to。have a preference for偏爱;in preference to而不是。

14.in。make progress in在……方面取得进步。

15.on。on purpose故意地。同义短语还有by design。

16.under。under stress在压力之下。

17.in。in terms of就……而言。

18.of。be worthy of being done值得被做。


1.act熟义:v. 扮演,行动,表现。此处表示”起作用”,类似于work。

2.add熟义:v. 添加,加。此处表示”补充说”。

3.approach熟义: n.方法 v.临近。(1)中的approach表示”接洽”;(2)中的approach表示”处理,对付”,相当于solve或deal with。

4.contain熟义:v. 包含,容纳。此处表示”克制”。





8.figure熟义:n.图形, 数字, 图表 v.计算。此处表示”体形”。

9.follow熟义:v.跟随, 在……后发生,听从(忠告等)。此处表示”明白,理解”。

10.mind熟义:v.介意,当心,注意。在此处表示”照看”,相当于look after/take care of。

11.promise熟义:v.& n.许诺, 承诺。(1)中promise作动词,表示”预示,使很可能”;(2)中promise作名词,表示”获得成功的迹象”。


13.stick熟义:v.卡住,陷入,动不了(be/get stuck in被困于) n.棍,棒。三个句子中的stick都用作动词,(1)中的表示”粘贴”;





1.accompany→accompanied→accompanied。此处作状语,accompany与主语the president之间构成逻辑上的动宾关系,故用过去分词Accompanied。accompany是以”辅音字母+y”结尾的单词,应将y变为i再加-ed构成过去式和过去分词。一些考生极易直接加-ed,并且忽略大小写。

2.admit→admitted→admitted。此处作谓语,在助动词后,应用动词原形,且admit与其主语You为被动关系,应用被动语态,be admitted to表示”允许进入……”。故填be admitted。

3.beat→beat→beaten。根据句中的yesterday可知,应用一般过去时,再根据前后文语境可知,第一空用主动语态,故填beat;第二空用被动语态,填were beaten。

4.choose→chose→chosen。第一空所填词在句中作谓语,由last week可知此空填过去式chose;第二空根据Since then可知用现在完成时态,填have chosen。应注意过去式和过去分词的不同。

5.clarify→clarified→clarified。clarify与this problem为被动关系,应用被动语态,故填be clarified。此题极易直接在clarify后加-ed。

6.grow→grew→grown。第一个空作谓语,由下文时态可知,应用过去式grew;第二个空也作谓语,用过去式grew,grow to do sth.表示”逐渐开始做某事”;第三个空用动词-ing形式growing作enjoy的宾语,表示”种植”;第四个空作后置定语修饰名词vegetables,grow”种植”与被修饰词vegetables是逻辑上的动宾关系,故用其过去分词形式grown。





11.speak→spoke→spoken。第一空作谓语,主语是She,再由下文的finds可知,此处填speaks; 第二空作真正的宾语,用动词不定式,故填to speak;第三空作谓语,由时间状语可知,用一般过去时,故填过去式spoke;第四空缺谓语,”It was the first time that…”句式中,从句用过去完成时,故填had spoken。



1.After I came to the new school, I took an active part in various activities with my classmates, so I adapted quickly to the new environment.

2.She dreamed of becoming a writer when young. Her parents encouraged her to read books as much as possible. At last, she realized her dream after many years’ efforts.

3.No matter what difficulties we are faced with, we should keep an optimistic attitude towards life and try to overcome them.

4.I’m writing to recommend myself for the post,because I have the education and relevant experience that meet the requirements.

5.Recently, I have noticed that many a student tends to buy junk food and stay up late.




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